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ISO9001 Hardshell Hbot 23% Oxygen Room High Pressure Hyperbaric Chamber

ISO9001 Hardshell Hbot 23% Oxygen Room High Pressure Hyperbaric Chamber

ISO9001 hardshell hbot

hardshell hbot 23% Oxygen

1.3ATA high pressure hyperbaric chamber

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Model Number:

Sphere I

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Product Details
Lightweight Composite Aluminum
Oxygen Supply:
Over 90%
Oxygen Concentration:
Hard Type
1.3ATA (4PSI)
Emergency Pressure Release:
1 Min
Silent Noise Reduction:
Within 45 DB (in) 55 DB (out)
Product Description

CE ISO9001 Certified High Pressure 23% Oxygen Room

Product Description:

The Hardshell Hyperbaric Chamber is an advanced high-pressure oxygen therapy device designed to provide safe and effective oxygen treatments. It features a lightweight composite aluminum construction and an emergency pressure release system that can be activated in just 1 minute. This chamber is also equipped with an advanced safety system, including oxygen sensors, pressure sensors, temperature sensors, and humidity sensors, to ensure the safety of users. With a capacity for 1 person, this chamber is perfect for individual oxygen treatments. Through the high-pressure oxygen treatments provided by the Hardshell Hyperbaric Chamber, users can benefit from a wide range of therapeutic effects, such as increased oxygenation of the body's tissues, enhanced immune system function, improved circulation, and accelerated recovery from illness.



  • Product Name: Hardshell Hyperbaric Chamber
  • Capacity: 1People
  • Oxygen concentration: 23%
  • Size: 2000*1200*1780mm
  • Silent Noise Reduction: Within 45 DB (in) 55 DB (out)
  • Emergency Pressure Release: 1 Min
  • High Pressure Oxygen Room
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Specification
Emergency Pressure Release 1 Min
Certificate CE ISO9001
Type Hard Type
Pressure 1.3ATA (4PSI)
Safety System Oxygen Sensor/Pressure Sensor/Temperature Sensor/Humidity Sensor
Material Lightweight Composite Aluminum
Silent Noise Reduction Within 45 DB (in) 55 DB (out)
Pressurization Air
Oxygen Supply Over 90%
Application Household /Clinic/Fitness Center/Spa Center
Purpose Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment, High Pressure Oxygen Therapy, High Pressure Oxygen Tank


The o2ark Sphere I Hyperbaric Chamber is an innovative product designed for oxygen therapy and sports injury recovery. With its lightweight composite aluminum material, it can provide a safe and efficient high pressure oxygen environment. It is also equipped with silent noise reduction technology, with noise levels of 45 DB (in) and 55 DB (out), and an oxygen concentration of 23%.

This hyperbaric chamber is perfect for beauty health care and sports injury recovery, and is certified with CE/ISO standards for quality assurance. With a minimum order quantity of one piece, and a competitive price of 95112-105680USD/pc, this is the ideal choice for those looking for a high quality hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

The o2ark Sphere I Hyperbaric Chamber can be shipped with standard packing wooden/cartons/plywood, and has a delivery time of 30 days. Payment can be made through TT/LC, and a supply ability of 50pcs/month is available.



Customized Hardshell Hyperbaric Chamber from o2ark

Brand Name: o2ark
Model Number: Sphere I
Place of Origin: Qingdao
Certification: CE/ISO
Minimum Order Quantity: 1pcs
Price: 95112-105680USD/pc
Packaging Details: Standard packing wooden/cartons/plywood
Delivery Time: 30days
Payment Terms: TT/LC
Supply Ability: 50pcs/month
Size: 2000*1200*1780mm
Pressure: 1.3ATA (4PSI)
Certificate: CE ISO9001
Oxygen supply: Over 90%
Application: Household /Clinic/Fitness Center/Spa Center
High Pressure Oxygen Tank: Yes
Hyperbaric Oxygen Room: Yes
High Pressure Oxygen Chamber: Yes


Support and Services:

Hardshell Hyperbaric Chamber Technical Support and Service

We provide a comprehensive technical support and service for our Hardshell Hyperbaric Chamber. Our expert team of technicians are on call 24/7 to answer any questions you may have about the chamber and its operation. We also offer a full range of diagnostic and repair services for the chamber.

If you encounter any problems with your chamber, we will gladly provide you with a prompt response and help you troubleshoot the issue. We can provide you with a detailed diagnosis and a solution to resolve the problem. We can also provide you with advice on how to best use and maintain your chamber.

We also offer a full range of preventive maintenance services for the chamber. These services include regular inspections, cleaning, and maintenance of the chamber and its components. We can also provide you with spare parts and replacement parts, as well as any other accessories you may require.

At Hardshell Hyperbaric Chamber, we are committed to providing the highest quality of technical support and service for our customers. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your chamber, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping of Hardshell Hyperbaric Chamber

The Hardshell Hyperbaric Chamber should be packaged and shipped in a way that ensures the product is safe and secure during transit. This includes the use of secure packing materials, such as foam or bubble wrap, and an appropriate size box for the item.

Once the product is securely packaged, it should be labeled with the shipping address and the sender's contact information. The item should also be marked with appropriate shipping labels, including tracking numbers.

The product should be shipped using a reliable carrier, such as FedEx, UPS, or DHL. The item should be shipped with insurance to cover any potential damages or losses during transit.

Finally, the product should be tracked during its journey from the sender to the recipient and any delays or issues should be addressed promptly.



Q: What is Hardshell Hyperbaric Chamber?

A: Hardshell Hyperbaric Chamber is a medical device used in hyperbaric therapy. It is designed and manufactured by o2ark with the model number of Sphere I, which is CE/ISO certified and has a minimum order quantity of 1 piece.

Q: Where is Hardshell Hyperbaric Chamber made?

A: Hardshell Hyperbaric Chamber is made in Qingdao, China.

Q: How much does Hardshell Hyperbaric Chamber cost?

A: The price of Hardshell Hyperbaric Chamber ranges from 95112-105680USD/pc.

Q: What is the standard packing for Hardshell Hyperbaric Chamber?

A: The standard packing for Hardshell Hyperbaric Chamber is wooden/cartons/plywood.

Q: How long does it take to deliver Hardshell Hyperbaric Chamber?

A: The delivery time for Hardshell Hyperbaric Chamber is 30 days.

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