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O2arK Latest Muti-color Scheme Customized 1.3 ATA hyperbaric oxygenation chamber home for Sale

O2arK Latest Muti-color Scheme Customized 1.3 ATA hyperbaric oxygenation chamber home for Sale

Sitting Hyperbaric Chamber

Sitting Hyperbaric Chamber

hyperbaric oxygen therapy home unit

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Sphere I

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O2arK Latest Muti-color Scheme Customized 1.3 ATA hyperbaric oxygenation chamber home for Sale


Product Description



O2arK is a famous and leading hyperbaric oxygen chamber brand of Shanghai Victall-Immo Health Technology Co., Ltd. in China, whose parent company Qingdao Victall Railway Co., Ltd. (Victall stock 605001, since 1992) is a specialized company that provides modular products and components for high-speed trains, urban rail vehicles, and subway vehicles.




O2arK's fourth-generation (4G) smart hyperbaric oxygen chamber is produced in the special workshop in the form of an assembly line in terms of technical process and quality monitoring standards in accordance with the standards of aviation and other rail products. O2arK's smart hyperbaric oxygen chamber has inherited the lightweight technology, noise reduction technology, modular design concept and intelligent integration settings of aviation production.




Composite Materials

O2arK hyperbaric chamber uses lightweight composite materials for high-speed rail, which reduces the weight by 30% to 50% compared with traditional steel structures, avoiding safety hazards caused by overweight steel cabins.


Module Assembly

The entire chamber adopts splicing design, which enables it to be installed anywhere and it supports multiple layouts, and adapts to various scenarios.


Intelligent Integration

It is intelligently integrated with smart lighting control, audio-visual system, and 4G/5G access to the Internet of Things.





Silent Noise Reduction

Multiple noise reduction technologies are adopted to solve noise from both structure and material. The noise inside the chamber is controlled within 45 decibels, and the noise outside within 55 decibels.


Fresh & Environmental Friendly

Triple purification: the first filter removes the floating dust larger than 5 μm in the air; the second filter removes pollutants larger than 0.01 μm and peculiar smell in the air; the third filter is used to remove finer particles;

High air exchange rate: for example, the air exchange rate of chamber M can reach 16m³ per hour, and the waste gas can be removed in time to prevent the retention of stale gases such as carbon dioxide;

Green: The interior and exterior decoration of the cabin are all made of materials that meet the environmental protection requirements of high-speed rail to avoid the residue of formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds.


Aesthetic & Comfortable

The interior is decorated with wall cloth, which is beautiful and comfortable; three different colors of the exterior decoration are available to adapt to different scenes; the interior adopts an intelligent audio-visual system, which is subdued; The speed of increasing and decreasing pressure is stable and settable, making the user feel more comfortable; the oxygen outlet is German standard with a gentle oxygen release.


The interior space of O2arK is spacious, 50%~100% larger than the oxygen chamber of the same model of other brands, which reduces the sense of claustrophobia, makes it more comfortable. Multiple layouts are available.


standard and comfortable-1


Emergency Pressure Release

O2arK oxygen chamber has double emergency pressure release devices. On the one hand, each oxygen chamber is equipped with two physical threshold pressure release valves, and on the other hand, it is equipped with an emergency stop pressurization button and manual pressure release valve. In an emergency, the user can leave the chamber within 1 minute.


Power-off Protection

It has the function of leakage protection. The voltage of all electrical appliances in the chamber does not exceed 24V, and non-contact switches are used. Strong and weak current automatic power-off protection is set.


Flame -retardant

O2arK oxygen chamber adopts the EU standard EN 45545 and the high-speed rail standard TBT 3237 materials with the material oxygen index reaching over 28%;


Through intelligent control means, it is ensured that the concentration of diffused oxygen in the chamber is controlled within 25%.





Dual Air Conditioning System

Water circulation inside the chamber: it integrates cooling and ventilation with stable airflow and comfortable body feeling; it is free to PTC electric auxiliary thermal explosion hazard; it is integrated in the bulkhead to avoid contact with micro-oxygen-enriched air so as to ensure the safety of users in the chamber.


Fluorine circulation outside the chamber cools/heats the water tank of the water-cooling system to avoid the risk of fluorine leakage.


Product name Model

O2arK Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Time Wheel

Sphere I
Specification Dimension
1 people 2.0*1.2*1.8 (L*W*H)
Pressure setting Time for Pressurization or Decompression
1.1-1.3 ATA 5-10 min
Pressurization type Oxygen supply concentration
Air pressurization ≥ 90%


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